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Pierced By Gold: Body Jewelry

Hand-crafted, solid gold body jewelry made just for you, using 100% recycled gold.

Gold is my ancestral inheritance & I believe working with it as a goldsmith is my life’s calling.  The Philippines has the 2nd largest gold deposit in the world & my ancestors were master goldsmiths.

Pre-colonial Filipinx people believed that gold had the ability to hold our ancestor’s energy and stimulated the goodness of our souls. They believed the entire universe was permeated by spirits & wore gold as a form of protection. To keep unwanted spirits from entering a person, it was important to wear gold at the end of bodily openings like the nose, ears & eyes; in order to close off entry from malevolent entities.

It honestly blows my mind that I’m working in a craft my ancestors mastered in 1000 BCE. 🤯 I feel so grateful to be connected to them through my art.

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I can customize these designs to fit any size gauge, so if you don't see your size please get in touch! Or if you want an entirely custom piece made, I can do that too, hit me up.