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Non-Binary Finery

Ceremonial & Kinship Jewelry

Say hello to quality, handcrafted, fine jewelry made using traditional goldsmithing techniques. This collection of SOLID gold jewelry is made to stand the test of time. My journey to become a goldsmith began in 2015, in the heart of the mountains in beautiful Sinixt Territory, also known as Nelson, British Columbia. I’m now eight years into my journey as a jeweller, with 4+ years working as an apprentice to a master goldsmith. I regularly repair a high volume of heirloom gold jewelry, so I have first hand knowledge about what it takes to make something that will last a lifetime or more.

Why choose gold?

Ancient Filipinos believe that gold had the ability to hold our ancestors energy and stimulate the goodness in our souls. They believed that wearing gold protected us spiritually; incorporating it into not only jewelry but regalia, weapons, bowls, and funerary objects. It was sewn into clothing; even drilled & studded into teeth!

But even if you don't believe what my ancestors thought, simply put, it’s a solid investment; and if it’s crafted with integrity, it will out live it’s owner AND maker! The life span of a sterling silver ring worn everyday is a minimum of 10 years - longer depending on the thickness and care it is shown. In comparison, a 14 karat gold ring worn everyday will last a minimum of 50 years, often much longer! This collection aims to do just that.

Not only will gold last longer, it also keeps it's value and then some. My parents bought my dad's white gold wedding ring for $75 in the 1970s. That same ring today would sell for $1000+. Not too shabby.

This collection works great for weddings, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays and graduations but can also serve folks who want to mark those less traditional life occasions.


As a queer, trans, non-binary Filipinx artist, I had a hard time finding jewelry that I was excited about wearing. Most commercial jewelry stores are extremely gendered and the designs feel boxed in by binary of male & female. As a transgender designer, I rarely design with one specific gender in mind. I see gender not as a binary but as a spectrum of possibilities and believe that our individual expressions of gender are unique, diverse, and powerful. Designing from this perspective results in a wide variety of jewelry designs that can be worn by many different types of people, regardless of gender.


The occasional pieces of jewelry I found thrifting or in random shops, ended up being costume jewelry that either quickly tarnished, turned green or was made of so much plastic I didn’t feel good about buying; especially knowing it would eventually end up in a landfill or in the belly of a sea creature.

Gold is valuable, which means it exists outside of North America’s throw away culture. And if it ever does end up in a trash heap, you can bet the first person who sees it will rescue it as a treasure. I also use 100% recycled gold whenever possible & have great options for eco-friendly, lab-created gemstones & reclaimed diamonds.

More to Come in 2023

This collection will grow over time, with additional designs set to drop in the SPRING/SUMMER of 2023. So, if you don't se anything you like right now, definitely check back often; or better yet, subscribe to my email list to receive special offers & be the first to know when new products drop!