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Paying It Forward

As a child of a Filipinx immigrant, and an immigrant myself, I've experienced deep cultural loss due to forced migration that many immigrants face. I feel it is essential for me to give back to organizations that are working to support indigenous sovereignty and are actively preserving ancestral knowledge and traditions for our future generations. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, I'm unable to offer donations at this time. I am working toward a future that allows me to support the Sinixt Nation, RAVEN, and the Tao Foundation for Arts and Culture. If you are able, I encourage you to donate to the organizations/nations listed below or an organization doing decolonization work in your community. 

As a settler of Filipinx ancestry on indigenous land I support the Sinixt Nation, who's ancestral territory I currently live and work on. I also acknowledge that there are overlapping land claims of the Ktunaxa & Syilx Nations to this region. 


As a metal worker who uses mined material in my work, I've chosen to support RAVEN (Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs). They raise legal defence funds to assist Indigenous Peoples who enforce their rights and title to protect their traditional territories.Through public education programs, RAVEN collaborates with Indigenous Peoples to eliminate environmental racism and foster a greater understanding of indigenous rights and governance.


Tao Foundation for Arts & Culture

As a member of the Filipinx diaspora, I have chosen to support the Tao Foundation for Arts and Culture, who are Filipino artists, scholars, and community leaders engaged in Philippine cultural regeneration initiatives. Their vision is to create spaces for reclaiming, honoring, celebrating, revitalizing, and sharing living Philippine local ancestral and traditional knowledge and practices.