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Solid Gold Septum Ring of Abundance | Made-to-Order

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This is a hand-crafted, made-to-order item. All orders placed by November 27th 2023 are guaranteed to be delivered by December 25 2023.

Holiday delivery for rushed orders placed after November 27th may be possible. If you need it rushed, please contact me before placing your order to ensure that I can accommodate. All orders placed after December 4th 2023, will be fulfilled in February 2024.

Gold Septum Ring of Abundance. Cast and hand-finished. Made from 100% Recycled Gold.

Description: Handcrafted, solid gold septum ring inscribed with a motif inspired by textiles and tattoo patterns in the Philippines. The artist behind Sacred Spirit Ink, Julay Nieto, says this pattern is meant to represent growing rice stalks signifying abundance. It's also similar to a tattoo pattern of centipede legs, which represents our ancestors.

Choose between a 16 gauge (1.3mm) and 18 gauge (1mm).

Cultural Significance

Pre-colonial Filipinx people believed that gold had the ability to hold our ancestor’s energy and stimulated the goodness of our souls. They also wore gold as a form of protection. To keep unwanted spirits from entering a person, it was important to wear gold at the end of bodily openings like the nose, ears & eyes; in order to close off entry from malevolent entities. 

Collective Resilience

Re-creating this sacred object using solid gold is meant represent the story of our collective resilience; that despite the Spanish destroying our sacred objects; exploiting our natural resources & attempting to corrupt our culture & traditions, we are still here shinning. We are SOLID GOLD.

 How does it open?

This is solid gold septum ring that will bend to open & close. To open, twist from side to side (not front to back) to ensure the septum keeps its shape and doesn't weaken the wire.

Will this fit me?

To determine fit measure a ring you wear, if it's 10mm in diameter or smaller, this ring will fit you. 

*Please note: Due to sanitary reasons, all sales on pierced body jewelry are final. Because of the handmade nature of this product please allow for slight variations in texture & appearance as you will not be receiving the exact ring pictured.  

Choose between a 16 gauge (1.3mm) and 18 gauge (1mm).


Need your septum ring in a different gauge? Have sensitive skin or allergies? You can customize the gauge and/or upgrade to 18kt yellow gold or nickle-free, 14kt white gold upon request. Contact me to a custom order.