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Solid Gold Linglingo Septum Ring

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This is a made-to-order item, lovingly crafted by hand in Sinixt Territory, in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia. 

As an artist with a disability, my bench time is limited. Ordering made-to-order items helps to ensure that I'm utilizing my time and resources as efficiently as possible.

Delivery Times

Ready to ship in 4-6 weeks. Handcrafted, quality jewelry takes time. Rush orders are possible. Contact me BEFORE ordering to ensure that I can accommodate your request. 

Currently in stock: Size 16g/1.3mm are in stock and can ship in 3-5 business days.

Allow 2-4 weeks for 18g/1mm sizes to be made & shipped.

Solid Gold Linglingo Septum Rings. Cast and hand-finished. After receiving several custom requests for this, I'm excited to be to offer it as a made to order piece for all my Filipinx fam! 

Choose between a 16 gauge (1.2mm) and 18 gauge (1mm).

For people with sensitive skin or allergies you can upgrade to 18kt yellow gold or nickle-free 14kt white gold.

Need your septum ring in a different gauge? Contact me for a custom order.

What is a linglingo and why do we care?

Dating back as early as 500 BCE, the linglingo is one of the few talismans that survived the brutal exploitation & pillaging by colonizers in the archipelago now known as the Philippine Islands. It was traditionally worn as an earring, pendant or head piece by indigenous tribes on the island of northern Luzon in the mountainous Cordillera region; a region where Samonte actually has ancestral ties.

In modern day times, the most common materials used l to make these are brass, but they can also be made of gold, jade, shell, clay or copper. The linglingos among Ifugoa, Bontoc & Kalinga tribes are also frequently made of silver. Originally thought to have been used as a fertility charm, most Filipinos now wear them as a symbol of cultural pride.

Many transgender/non-binary Filipinx people living in the diaspora, feel a deep connection to this symbol as it is said to contain shapes of both male & female anatomy. Amulets of similar shapes have been unearthed in archeological sites in Taiwan & Vietnam, as well as Mindanao in the Philippines. Through my research, I've even found accounts of them being discovered amongst the treasure in the tombs of ancient Egypt.

Although the Philippines is thought to have the second largest gold deposit in the world, a large majority of the population lives in poverty & are forced to leave their homeland in order to find work, like my father. During colonization most of our gold & silver amulets & talismans where stolen & melted down to fund Spanish conquests. This included digging up Filipino graves in order to rob the dead of their gold. 💔💀

Collective Resilience

Re-creating this sacred object using solid gold is meant represent the story of our collective resilience; that despite the Spanish destroying our sacred objects; exploiting our natural resources & attempting to corrupt our culture & traditions, we are still here shinning. We are SOLID GOLD.

 How does it open?

This is solid gold septum ring that will bend to open & close. To open, twist from side to side (not front to back) to ensure the septum keeps its shape and doesn't weaken the wire.

Will this fit me?

To determine fit measure a ring you wear, if it's 10mm in diameter or smaller, this ring will fit you. If not, you will need to order a larger diameter which are currently being made. Contact me to pre-order!


Please note: Due to sanitary reasons, all sales on pierced body jewelry are final. This is a made to order item that will ship in 6-8 weeks. Because of the 

handmade nature of this product please allow for slight variations in texture & appearance as you will not be receiving the exact ring pictured.