Talisman of Resilience: Linglingo Drip Pendant* Made-to-Order

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Talisman of Resilience: Linglingo Drip Pendant

Brass pendant, cast & hand finished. Comes with your choice of sterling silver chain; 20" or 24".

About the Design:

They tried to melt us, but they did not know our hearts were made of gold. ✨💛✨

This pendant is a talisman of resilience. At the core is a symbol that has survived colonization for 600 plus years, the linglingo. It is one of the only surviving amulets from the Philippines, traditionally worn by the people of the Cordillera highlands in northern Luzon, a region where Samonte actually has ancestral ties.

It is thought that the linglingp was originally used as a fertility charm, but no group has officially offered this explanation. I believe the linglingo has transcended into a symbol of Filipinx resilience & cultural pride for those of us in the diaspora.⁠

As a transgender/non-binary person, I also feel a deep connection to this symbol as it is said to contain shapes of both male & female anatomy. Amulets of similar shapes have been unearthed in archeological sites in Taiwan & Vietnam, as well as Mindanao in the southern Philippines.⁠

During colonization most of our gold & silver amulets & talismans where stolen & melted down to fund Spanish conquests. This included digging up Filipino graves in order to rob the dead of their gold. 💔💀

This redesign is meant to tell the story of collective resilience; that despite the Spanish destroying indigenous Filipino's sacred objects & attempting to corrupt our culture & traditions, we are still here.⁠