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Knuckle Tattoo Pins & Stickers

Samonte Cruz Studios Knuckle Tattoo Designs for Brass Pins




Origins of the Knuckle Tattoo

This collection came about when I was brainstorming designs that would be easy to incorporate text. In my research I discovered that it's a common belief that knuckle tattoos were brought to the western world after sailors (Captain Cook's crew) came in contact with Polynesians with decorative hand tattoos in the late 18th century.

Knowing the origin of these tattoos sealed the deal, and I went on an eight letter phrase brainstorming rampage, and produced a series of these limited edition, hand-fabricated, brass pins for my first pop-up show at Darius X Studio, in Beacon Hill, south Seattle in December 2017 (see video below).

[Illustration of paku hand tattoo by Lane Wilcken from page 53 of Filipino Tattoos Ancient to Modern; used with permission from the author.]



How It's Made

Each pin is etched and hand-fabricated from brass, then stamped with my makers mark and it's production number. Large pins feature a handmade pin back while the smaller size has a commercial pin back that you normally see on enamel pins.

I've also transferred some designs to sweatshirts, pillows, phone cases and more! Browse products here.