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Non-Binary Finery: Fine Jewelry Collection

Say hello to quality, handcrafted jewelry made using traditional gold-smithing techniques. This collection of solid gold jewelry is made to stand the test of time. As a goldsmith's apprentice with 4+ years under my belt, I regularly repair a high volume of heirloom jewelry, so I have first hand knowledge about what it takes to make something that will last a lifetime or more.

The life span of a sterling silver ring worn everyday is a minimum of 10 years- longer depending on the thickness and care it is shown. In comparison, a 14 karat gold ring worn everyday will last a minimum of 50 years, often much longer! This collection aims to do just that.

Not only will gold last longer, it also keeps it's value and then some. My parents bought my dad's white gold wedding ring for $75 in the 1970s. That same ring today would sell for $1000+. Not too shabby.

This collection works great for weddings, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays and graduations but can also serve folks who want to mark those less traditional life occasions. 

I use recycled gold whenever possible & have great options for eco-friendly lab-grown & reclaimed diamonds & gemstones. 

This collection will grow over time, so if you don't se anything you like right now, definitely check back often!