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Infinite Ancestors Ring, Simple

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Infinite Ancestors, Healing and Protection

Choose from oxidized sterling silver or antiqued brass.

Limited Edition: Antiqued Brass; etched, hand-fabricated, hand-finished.

Made-to-Order*: Oxidized Sterling Silver; cast by artist in studio using lost wax casting method, hand-finished. *This is a hand-crafted, made-to-order item. Please allow 4-6 weeks for me to carefully craft & ship your item. Rush orders are possible. If you need it rushed, please contact me before placing your order to ensure that I can accomodate your desired delivery date.

Custom sizes are available upon request. Contact the artist here.

Indigenous Meanings

 The motif on this ring is inspired by a tattoo motif shared by indigenous Filipino people in northern Luzon including the Kalinga and Ifugao people, as well as Polynesians. In the Philippines, the centipede motif is commonly known as gayaman, and has many different meanings. Some saw centipedes as messengers from the ancestors, others thought it may offer the wearer protection from poisons and general harm. 

 In the book, Filipino Tattoos, Lane Wilcken also suggests that each centipede leg may represent an ancestor, "...not only reaching back through time but also into the future, reminding the wearer that their heritage and posterity would continue forever." The centipede tattoo motif is also very similar to a medicinal fern tattoo motif often given to healers in the community.

 Wearable Amulet

 Translating this motif into the circular, never-ending form of a ring, reminds the wearer of their ability to tap into the power of their infinite ancestors, past, present, and future; allowing them to access infinite reserves of healing and protection.


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Due to the handmade nature of this product please allow for slight variation in texture as you may not receive the exact item pictured.